Activity 2-Building the WomenInStories Community Programme

A2 aims:

  • To identify, collect and record best practices and programmes and to include them on the Mapping Tool which will be accessible and open through the platform of the project.
  • To expand partners’ knowledge and understanding of the project’s main target groups in order to design targeted to their needs and requirements training material and to offer upskilling opportunities
  • To design and facilitate Innovative Forums enabling the sharing of views and experiences and CO-DESIGN the next steps of the digital storytelling activities
  • To specify and analyse the civic, digital and creative competences, skills, knowledge and attitudes that senior women should acquire in order to support their active participation in the society, as agents of change and sustainable development.
  • To develop meaningful guidelines enabling successful implementation of WOMENinSTORIES programme

The main results of this activity will be: 

  • INTERACTIVE MAPPING TOOL for presenting the key data on the various successful programmes promoting social inclusion of senior women including migrant women, active aging, gender equality etc.
  • WOMENinSTORIES DIGITAL STORYTELLING PROGRAMME HANDBOOK with Methodological guidelines for designing successful digital.
  • WOMENinSTORIES COMPETENCE FRAMEWORK, which will include a set of skills, competences, knowledge and attitudes related to the digital, literacy and civic competences to be acquired by senior women, as well as a set of assessment questions.

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