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Digital Acquisition through Intergenerational Learning

The project aims to draw on the partnership’s experience and newest research to create a Training Package for adult educators and carers who work with vulnerable adults in different communities, no matter what the local context or type of community.

Promoting inclusive strategies for disadvantaged seniors

This project aims to offer opportunities to re-skill or up-skill their digital competences to become active citizens and socially included in the digital world in order to guarantee their activeness, social presence, e-governance, e-access, e-participation and personal development. Design, implement, monitor and evaluate a TOOL KIT that will re-skill or up-skill seniors’ digital competences to become active citizens and socially included in the digital world. Pilot-test the ‘SENIORS DIGITAL ONE STOP SUPPORT CENTRES’ in partner countries, both online and in-house that will offer various opportunities for training.

Digital Champions for Community Success

The Digital Champions for Community Success project brings together 5 partners from 4 EU countries in order to develop a Training package and Methodology to be used by adult educators and particularly by Trainers and Carers of vulnerable adults facing obstacles such as: disabilities and/or learning differences, vulnerable adults with social obstacles: low-skilled migrants, long-term unemployed, elderly in care. Trainers and carers will be able to boost the impact of their work with the target communities and foster digital champions, who will work within their communities to support their peers.

Promoting Financial, Digital and Entrepreneurial Competences for Vulnerable Adults (Women) With Restricted Access to the Digitalised Market (Home Based)

The FINE2WORK project aims:
• To empower adults and mainly women to be integrated into the economy either as employees or entrepreneurs based on their needs and abilities.
• To provide high quality learning opportunities for adults so that they enhance their digital and financial competences while acquiring new key competences such as entrepreneurial skills in an attempt to safeguard social inclusion, access and participation in the labour market and society
• To support adults to set up their own ‘home-based business model’ or ‘work remotely as employees’
• To facilitate access to upskilling pathways programme by designing a skills identification and screening tool, providing a learning programme adapted to the learning needs of the target group, and validating these skills acquired through non-formal learning

A TOOL KIT with Effective Outreach and Motivational Strategies for Upgrading the key Competences of Marginalized & Vulnerable low Skilled Adults (Focus on Women): Ensuring Social Inclusion, Access, and Participation in the Digital era

The project aims to provide adults with a three-stage upskilling pathway programme e.g. audit-skills intervention and validation. Emphasis is given on acquiring, developing, assessing and validating a set of essential employability skills such as digital, financial, numeracy and literacy competences thus to be able to meet the needs of the digitized economy. A key objective is to equip vulnerable groups of adults to find good-quality jobs and fulfill their potential as socially included citizens.

Creative Educators of Digital Arts & Culture

Project Aims:
● Offer an innovative training programme to motivate senior citizens to enter the digital world safely
● Improve senior citizens creativity skills
● Help senior citizens discover the culture and arts resources and events online

Activating Women’s Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Social Change Through Creativity and Culture in the Covid-19 Era

The ACT4WOMEN project focuses on women living in rural, remote, isolated or marginalised areas who have restricted access to work and who engage in the production of handicrafts or other forms of home-based productions or services related to culture, community or environment they live in.

Intergenerational Film Hub

The Intergenerational Film Hub project aims to open up lifelong and life-wide learning opportunities through raising the competences of educators embedded in the intergenerational context and digitization of seniors.

"Upgrading the Resilence and Adaptability of Seniors in The Post-Covid Era Through a Digital-Driven Lifelong Learning Programme Promoting Civic Engagement of all Ages "

The project aims to: To promote innovative methods and pedagogies used by adult educators.
To familiarize seniors with processes such as modernization and digitalization.
To enhance access, participation, and learning performance for seniors.
To facilitate intergenerational learning between older and younger generations and inform them about the necessity of volunteerism.
To increase social participation, digital inclusion and prevent loneliness and mental health challenges among seniors..

United Generations

The United Generations project aims to open up digitally oriented learning pathways based on intergenerational and lifelong learning opportunities for supporting senior citizens to upgrade their digital and literacy skills, with the involvement of young people thus supporting in a systematic way active aging and social inclusion.

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