Activity 3-WomenInStories Tool Kit

A3 aims:

  • To develop the GUIDELINES based on the needs and requirements of senior women (including migrants) on how to create a digital story based on REAL-LIFE SCENARIOS to be shared for contributing to a specific cause,
  • To prepare an inclusive set of material essential for the digital upskilling of adult educators
  • To develop an open and inclusive PLATFORM which will include all developed material and a DATA BANK with other tools, resources, reports etc., as well as a COMMUNITY of all participants to upload and share their stories.
  • To create a NETWORK of SENIOR WOMEN with diverse backgrounds and experiences including migrants who will share their wisdom and expertise in order to support their communities and other generations.

The main Results of A3 are:

  • WOMENinSTORIES GUIDELINES for senior women on how to create a digital story
  • WOMENinSTORIES Online Platform

Guidelines for senior women

Online Platform

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