Population of older people in EU is constantly growing representing in 2019, with the majority to be female 20.3%. The ageing demographic profile of the EU results in alterations of social and economic nature indicating the vulnerability of this group. Their needs are often not adequately addressed, struggling with social exclusion which has negative impact on both their wellbeing and social cohesion. The EU Gender Equality Report stresses that ‘women experience higher levels of exclusion from material resources and civic participation than men’ thus gender differences do exist among men and women resulting in negative feelings of isolation, purpose, neglect and frustration to flourish, whereas active aging and civic participation are diminished. Similar are the facts for women with migrant backgrounds who represent 45% of migrant in EU. They have lower social activity, a higher risk of poverty, high integration challenges associated with lower participation in E&T compared to men, due to their origins from countries with high gender inequality. Therefore, an effective integration process can contribute to their social inclusion and empowerment.

Research suggests that senior women regardless of age or background, are more than capable to earn their way back into their society again and to not be excluded. Digital storytelling is an effective method of promoting different prosocial initiatives. It has also great benefits for the population of seniors as it improves their digital skills, creativity, sense of wellbeing, cognitive functioning (it is also very beneficial for seniors with dementia) and social inclusion.

Storytelling is going to enrich the society especially by sharing their life-long experiences and their wisdom. Their life stories can be used to promote gender equality and address issues related to e.g., unequal opportunities and division of labour in work-related and domestic contexts, socially determined deficits in self-confidence, gender-based violence, reproductive rights but also share empowering stories of support received from other women, solidarity, wisdom, working through obstacles, finding own voice etc.

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