Project Aims


To promote access and participation of senior women (including women with migrant background) in targeted to their needs LLL opportunities:

  1. To develop and launch the WOMENinSTORIES LLL PROGRAMME as an initiative of AL that promotes intergenerational exchange of knowledge and life wisdom, at the local level and EU level through the development of new digital tools such as the STORYMAP using Google Maps.
  2. To equip older women with new competences (eg storytelling), transversal (eg creativity), civic and digital skills.
  1. To upgrade the digital competencies and practices of Adult Educators with innovative, participatory and creative methods, such as digital storytelling thus promoting the digital transformation and modernisation of their practices , as well as the overall quality of AL.
  1. To validate the new acquired skills based on MICRO-CREDENTIALS promoting transparency, transferability and visibility.
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